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Beauty Careers - A World of Beauty Awaits You!

Open the door to a world of beauty with a great cosmetology school education. You'll be prepared for a variety of career opportunities. This growing billion industry with 300,000 plus U.S. salons/spas needs more salon professionals than can be supplied. You can enjoy a rewarding career with increased earning potential and the ability to work flexible hours.

Hair Stylist

Hair Stylist in Beauty School

Hairstyling is an always popular position in the cosmetology field, perhaps because it is something so many of us have wanted to do since we were young! Hair styles and designs constantly change — from bobs to beehives to bouffants to the feathered look-and being able to express your creativity every day of your career makes hairstyling the career choice of thousands. Hairstylists are always:

  • On the cutting edge of the latest trends and techniques
  • Incorporate their own creativity into their designs
  • Work with people, helping them to look and feel their best
  • Have room to grow as a manager of a salon or salon owner
  • Work in a variety of professional environments such as salons, hotels and more.

Even better, Hair Stylists are always in high-demand regardless of their location. A hairstylist typically sees over one hundred clients during their working week which accounts for their generous income. Plus, Hair Stylists have the opportunity to work flexible hours depending on the salon.

Hair Stylist Career Information

Hair Color Specialist

Hair Colorist Training

Colorists have many opportunities to reach their creative heights. Fitting styles and colors to meet the needs of women and men with different types of hair, skin tones, facial shapes, personalities , and professions keep coloring as a challenging but rewarding career. Hair Color Specialists perform:

  • Highlights
  • Lowlights
  • Color Correction
  • New Color Concepts
  • Create Complimentary Colors For Their Clients
  • And More!

Hair Color Specialists also earn anywhere between ,000 and ,000 according to recent statistics. Having this specialty allows these types of professionals to work in a variety of locations. Enjoying the freedom to mix and combine varying colors to create new trends or designs keeps these professionals on the artistic verge of their craft.

Hair Color Specialist Career Information

Nail Artist/Manicurist

Nail Artist School

Many in the industry consider nail artistry the hottest segment of the salon and spa business. Today, in-demand nail artists work in full service salons, day spas, nail salons, hotels, resorts, health clubs, and more. Nail Artists are professionals performing some of the newest rejuvenating trends for skin and innovative nail art designs and applications such as:

  • Manicures and Pedicures
  • Paraffin Treatments
  • Natural Nail Manicures
  • Artificial Nail Applications
  • Gels, Wraps, and Acrylic Applications
  • Creative Nail Art

Nail Technicians earn a reported income between ,000 and ,000 as they see an estimated 88 clients per week —; sometimes more depending on the location of the salon.

Nail Artist Career Information


Cosmetology School Esthetician Training

These skin care professionals work to improve the long-term health and beauty of skin. By knowing the latest in skin care products and spa techniques, estheticians remain at the forefront of a field of helping people change their lives for the better. As an esthetician, professionals perform:

  • Facials
  • Hair Removal Techniques
  • Extractions
  • Paraffin Treatments
  • Lymphatic Massage
  • Masks
  • Spa Body Treatments
  • Skin Analysis
  • Makeup Application
  • And More!

Professional Estheticians are seeing a growing demand for the skin and spa rejuvenating services they offer their clients. Many of these professionals work in day spas, salons, on cruise ships or at resorts, and even in conjunction with reconstructive surgeons.

Makeup Artist

Makeup Artistry Training

The field for Make-up Artists is very broad. Choose from special occasion make-up, camera-ready make-up, performance make-up, media and fashion, permanent cosmetic make-up and more. Make-up Artists can also work in a variety of fields such as:

  • Celebrity Artist
  • Working In Film
  • Blue-Printing And Mapping Make-up For Theater
  • Working In A Salon Or Spa
  • And More

Professional Make-up Artists create incredible designs with the skin by using complimentary colors to highlight and define the best characteristics of their clients skin tone, face shape and facial aspects.

Makup Artist Career Information

Salon/Spa Manager

Salon Management Beauty School Graduate

With more than 400,000 salons in the U.S., opportunities for salon and spa mangers abound. From chain and franchise salons to boutiques and day spas, there has never been a better time to enter the field. If you’re interested in a management position as a cosmetologist, look for a school that offers:

  • Business
  • Marketing
  • Retail Sales
  • And Other Relevant Management Programs In Their Curriculum

There are cosmetology schools that offer business and marketing programs to train students for a well-rounded background, preparing them for a career as a manager. Many hairdressers work in the field or operate their own salon to gain more confidence and learn the industry inside and out before they move into a managerial role.

Salon Manager Career Information

Salon/Spa Owner

Beauty Salon Owner

This is a unique field where there are so many opportunities to own your own business. Salon or spa ownership allows you to achieve a healthy income, flexibility in your personal life and work schedule, and creativity.

  • Open A Franchised Location
  • Start A New Salon Or Spa
  • Partner With Another Owner
  • Purchase An Established Salon

According to the 2007 Job Demand Report from NACCAS, there are very real opportunities available for cosmetologists to start their own business.

Salon Owner Career Information

Cosmetology Instructor

Cosmetology School Teacher

While you may not initially enter the field of cosmetology, you may be interested in teaching others to be stylists and hairdressers. Many experienced cosmetologists enjoy the challenge, rewards and benefits of teaching future professionals. Instructors often receive health care, insurance and other benefits that a salon employee may not receive. There are cosmetology schools that offer Cosmetology Teacher Training programs within their curriculum which prepares licensed cosmetologists to:

  • Develop Lesson Plans
  • Learn To Lead A Classroom Of Students
  • Instruct Students And Identify Strengths/Weaknesses In Their Students
  • Prepare Future Cosmetologists For Beauty Careers

Becoming an instructor is a rewarding position which allows you to help future professionals such as yourself learn more about the beauty industry and help students identify their strengths in cosmetology to prepare them for a successful career.

Cosmetology School Education Director

Beauty School Director

Many of the larger cosmetology schools have positions which are responsible for the entire instructional program. These are choice positions combining creativity, knowledge of the industry and managerial skills. Education Directors play an integral part in the beauty school as they ensure students:

  • Gain The Most Current Information About The Beauty Industry
  • Learn The Latest Trends
  • Guide The Instructors And The School As A Whole

A Cosmetology School Education Director must manage and operate the school in every aspect. From the business side of things to the educational and enrollment aspects, this position is responsible for several areas.

Platform Artist

Platform Artist School

These highly skilled artists perform at trade shows in front of hundreds or sometimes thousands of people, teaching and demonstrating to stylists the latest:

  • Cuts
  • Colors
  • Styles
  • Techniques

Platform Artists often work at a salon as well, working weekends or part time as a platform artist. A Platform Artist also demonstrates a professional presence and must be comfortable in front of people in addition to showing their creativity as they perform hair and makeup trends.

Platform Artist Career Information

Photo & Movie Stylist

Movie Makeup Courses

This is a glamorous position allowing you to work in a variety of positions. A cosmetology education and license will provide you with the background you need to work in:

  • Movies
  • Television
  • Theater
  • Fashion
  • Corporate Communications
  • And More

These professionals work behind the scenes creating the innovative and trendy looks for magazines, runways and film.

Beauty Product Representative

Beauty and Cosmetology Product Professional

Many if not most beauty product companies prefer licensed cosmetologists for their positions, due to the level of professional assurance salon employees have in their cosmetologists. There are opportunities in:

  • Sales
  • Product Development
  • Working On Trend Releases
  • Training And Demonstrating Products And Styles To Various Audiences

Beauty Product Representatives are at the forefront of the companies they work for —advertising the latest products and trends in the industry.