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Cosmetology Programs

A cosmetology education will enhance your creativity, teach you technical applications and finesses your customer service skills. A variety of programs are usually available to meet the needs of your daily schedule such as full and part-time options. In about one to two years, you'll be prepared to take your state board exam.

Though the curriculum at every school will vary, here are a few of the areas you'll develop keen technical skills in...


Haircutting Program

Learn basic, contemporary and advanced principle techniques and the latest trends in haircutting and hair styling for men, women and children.

You will learn about:

  • Different types of equipment and how to use them
  • Hot to cut the latest styles
  • How to understand what the client wants
  • Advanced Haircutting Techniques
  • How to work with children

Hair Coloring

Hair Color Artist

Hair Colorists have many opportunities to reach their creative heights. Fitting styles and colors to meet the needs of women and men with different types of hair, skin tones, facial shapes, personalities, and professions keep coloring as a challenging but rewarding career. Hair Color Specialists perform:

  • Highlights
  • Lowlights
  • Color Correction
  • New Color Concepts
  • Create Complimentary Colors For Their Clients
  • And More!

Hair Color Specialists can earn an average of ,000 according to job site Simplyhired. Having this specialty allows these types of professionals to work in a variety of locations. Enjoying the freedom to mix and combine varying colors to create new trends or designs keeps these professionals on the artistic verge of their craft. Sound like fun? Consider a career as Hair Color Specialist.

Hair Design

Beauty School Training

Hairstyling is an always popular position in the cosmetology field. Perhaps it is because it’s something so many of us have wanted to do since we were young! Hair styles and designs constantly change - from bobs to beehives, from the classic "Rachel" to the "Hombre hairstyle" - Trends are constantly in flux and are often driven by celebrity and red carpet hair styles. The ability to express your creativity every day and continuous education opportunities (often employer paid) makes hairstyling the career choice of thousands. Hairstylists have the option to:

  • Have room to grow as a manager of a salon or salon owner
  • Can work in a variety of settings including, cruise ships, on movie and television sets,and magazine shoots
  • Work flexible hours, depending on the salon

Manicures And Pedicures

Nail Artistry

Performing a perfect manicure is as much of an art form as it is a specialized skill set. Many of today’s clientele don’t have the time, patience or the ability to create the perfectly sculpted manicured look they desire. Just like any other skilled profession becoming a Nail Technician requires specialized training, proper licensing and a lot of hands on practice.

  • Manicures and Pedicures
  • Paraffin Treatments
  • Natural Nail Manicures
  • Nail Extensions
  • Airbrushing
  • Artificial Nail Applications
  • Gels, Wraps, and Acrylic Applications
  • Creative Nail Art

Nail Artistry

Beauty School Learning Techniques

Nail artistry is one of the hottest segments of the salon and spa business. In fact, nail care has blossomed into what can be considered an industry in its own right. Nail artists are in demand to work in full service salons, day spas, nail salons, hotels, resorts, health clubs, and more. If you enjoy continuous learning and staying on top of the latest trends while expressing your creative side, becoming a nail artist might be a great career option.

Nail Artists are professionals performing some of the newest rejuvenating trends for skin and innovative nail art designs and specialized applications and services such as:

  • Artificial Nail Applications
  • Gels, Wraps, and Acrylic Applications
  • Creative Nail Art

Make-up Artistry

Makeup Program Materials

Another aspect of your training you need to consider is the type of tools you'll learn with or on, such as:

  • Mannequins
  • Salon Quality Shampoo & Drying Stations
  • Professional Hair Dryers
  • Irons
  • And More

Getting a thorough hands-on education will help you in the real world. Do the mannequins have natural hair, bendable ears, eyelashes and makeup, just like your clients will? After all, a stylist can only be as good their model. Schools also offer training at student salons, where senior level students experience real-world training in performing services, working with retail product sales, and client retention. So choose a school with a quality student salon that offers a variety of services and retail products.

Spa Services

Massage Training

Build a career in several spa services such as therapeutic massages, esthetic skin care procedures and rejuvenating facials. Spa services are non-medical procedures that help people feel and look healthy. Examples of common spa services include:

  • Facials
  • Body Wraps
  • Mud Wraps
  • Waxing
  • Manicures
  • Pedicures
  • Massage

The term spa derives from a town in Belgium called Spa, dating back to Roman times. Spa services are often performed at popular vacation spots as well as resorts, and salons. Spa services often help clients relax both physically and mentally.

Salon Management

Beauty Salon Manager

As a professional in the industry, you'll only want to use the best brands and products on your clientele. So BeautySchools.edu believes that you should be trained with a large variety of professional products from well-known, quality manufacturers.

  • Working With Several Color Systems
  • Working With Various Brands Of Hair Care Products
  • Working With High-End Salon Quality Tools And Equipment Can Help Open Up More Job Placement Opportunities For You

You will have a good working knowledge of all the major areas and techniques in cosmetology. You owe it to yourself to get the type of training that allows you to work anywhere you want to work-not just on a specific brand of product.

Salon Ownership

Beauty School Graduate

You of course will prefer to find a conveniently located school in your area. If you're like many cosmetology students you may also have a job, so you'll want to be sure the school is:

  • Convenient to both work and home
  • Consider a school that is also near child care if you have children
  • Easy to commute to and from

But with your career opportunities at stake, BeautySchools.edu suggests that location should not be your primary reason for choosing a school. A school that is closest or has the lowest tuition may not be what is best for you. Finding the right school means investigating all the pluses and minuses.

To help you, check out our featured beauty schoolsto see exactly how they stack up on all of these key factors.

Hitting the Books

When you enroll in any Cosmetology school you won't need one of those luggage suitcase type of backpacks to carry all your books. Instead of feeding you boring text from a thick book, many high-end schools offer reference books to engage your attention and enhance your skills!

Many textbooks are visually compelling and provide a basic cosmetology foundation by introducing artistic and visual concepts that nurture creativity as well as interpersonal and sales skills.

  • Haircutting Section:
    Covers international principles of haircutting presented in an architectural format. Three-dimensional images are used to demonstrate the components of this disciplined, precise and structured cutting system, progressing from simple to complex skills.
  • Hairdesigning Section:
    Builds upon the learning process presented in the Haircutting Section. Students implement principles of form, balance, movement, and abstract techniques.
  • Haircoloring Section :
    Incorporates the art, balance, depth, and tone of haircoloring. Students learn fundamental color laws, application techniques, decolorizing and formulation science with an emphasis on visual learning and inspiration.
  • Nails Section :
    Covers the fundamentals of regulatory preparation through the biological construction of the nails, hands and feet as well as sanitation and disinfection procedures critical to avoid spreading infection in the salon. Basic manicuring, nail shapes, acrylic, gel, and fabric nail techniques are presented, in addition to complex two and three dimensional techniques in nail artistry.
  • Customer Service Section :
    Develops relationship-building techniques for students to succeed in the business aspect of the salon industry.
  • Cosmetology State Board Supplement Section :
    Designed to be of assistance to students in preparing for the various license examinations. In addition, its regular use in the classroom will serve as an important aid in the understanding of all subjects taught in cosmetology schools and be required in the practice of cosmetology.