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Makeup Artist

Makeup Artist

Professional Make-up Artists create incredible designs with the skin by using complimentary colors to highlight and define the best characteristics of their client’s skin tone, face shape and facial aspects.

There are many career paths available for Makeup Artists. Graduates may choose from specializations in special occasion make-up, camera-ready make-up, performance make-up, media and fashion, permanent cosmetic make-up and more. Make-up Artists are professionals that are often used in a variety of fields such as:

  • Celebrity Artist
  • Film and TV
  • Blue Printing And Mapping Makeup For Theater
  • Working In A Salon Or Spa
  • Special events, such as Weddings or Galas
  • And More...

Makeup Artists that work in film and video are key contributors to the overall design of the production, creating the look of the characters to reflect the proper emotions, social class, and time periods for example. They will help create the look of the character being portrayed. The Makeup Artist’s duties can include everything from applying makeup, to creating prosthetics and creating special effects, such as bruises, cuts, burns and more. Without the help of good makeup artists, movies, TV shows and music videos wouldn't have the level of realism that we enjoy today. If you want to make the beautiful people - beautiful, consider a career as a Makeup Artist

United States Department of Labor and Statistics 1

Cosmetology Job Information

Projected Industry Employment Growth: 17%

Median Hourly Wages: $12.63 - May 2008

General Outlook - Employment is expected to grow faster than the average employment rate for all occupations. Continued increases in the demand for television programs, movies, and other entertainment will lead to new openings for theatrical and performance Make Up Artists.

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