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Platform Artist

Platform Artist

Platform artists are cosmetologists who perform on stage demonstrating and educating other professionals in the latest techniques and products. These highly skilled artists perform at trade shows, beauty shows, industry events and educational seminars in front of hundreds or sometimes thousands of people, teaching and demonstrating to stylists the latest:

  • Cuts
  • Colors
  • Styles
  • Techniques
  • Products
  • Products

Whether you choose to open a neighborhood beauty salon or an upscale day spa, your salon can become the social hub of your clientele. You can develop long-term friendships with employees and clients alike, while earning the respect of your community. For people with the drive and ambition this can be a wonderfully fulfilling career choice.

Industry Data:

Cosmetology Job Information

This career path is highly specialized and relies on the stylist’s ability to innovate and perform the latest hair techniques. As a niche, there is little data describing the outlook for employment in this specific profession beyond those for the cosmetology industry as a whole.

Photo and Movie Stylist

Movie Makeup Artist

This is a glamorous position allowing you to work in a variety of positions. A cosmetology education and license will provide you with the background you need to work in:

  • Movies
  • Music Videos
  • Commercials
  • Television
  • Theater
  • Fashion
  • Corporate Communications
  • And More!

These professionals work behind the scenes with makeup, costume, actors, extras and the directors to help create the desired look for the shoot. These professional stylists are responsible for creating the innovative and trendy looks for magazines, runways and film. Photo and Movie Stylists work with the actors, celebrities and models to get them camera ready and make sure they look their best at all times. They may work with wigs, hair extensions and chemicals to help achieve the characters’ finished look. One aspect a movie stylist typically oversees is continuity throughout the shoot. In a movie, two scenes may appear next to each other when the final version is watched on the screen, but could have been shot months apart. It is the Stylist’s responsibility to ensure the actor looks the same from one shot to the next. Many high profile actors will require as part of the contract, an exclusive personal stylist. This Movie Stylist will then work solely with that celebrity throughout the production of the film and stand close by when the scenes are shot, touching up and redressing their hair or wigs as needed to maintain that perfect look. For those lucky enough to work as a Photo or Movie Stylist it is truly an exciting career.

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