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Sassoon Academy  |  Santa Monica, CA

School Info:

  • Sassoon Academy
  • 321 Santa Monica Blvd
  • Santa Monica, CA 90401
  • 888 757 5100

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About This Beauty School

Sassoon Academy in Santa Monica

Creative, financially rewarding and flexible are all words that qualified Cosmetologists use to describe their careers. The scope of opportunity open to hair professionals relies on two things, their personal commitment and the quality of their credentials.

Career Programs At This Location

  • Cosmetology

Sassoon Cosmetology Program

Choosing to study Cosmetology with Sassoon Academy provides you with premium credentials on which you can build a great career. Running your own salon, being a part of a salon, working behind the scenes on motion pictures, being in the international fashion arena, or creating hair looks for magazine photographic shoots, all of these are all career paths frequently taken by graduates of our Academy.

Every one of the 1600 hours it takes to become a qualified Cosmetologist with Sassoon is designed to transfer skills from our highly trained team of instructors to you.

Choosing Your Future

Our team of instructors are hand picked from a pool of international Sassoon employees, not only for their ability to cut, color and perm to the highest Sassoon creative standards but also for their ability to teach while nurturing each student through all phases of their development. The team works together in harmony to equip each of our Cosmetology students with all the skills and experience they will need to qualify for their license.

Sassoon teachers are sought after for their creativity and high standards in their cut and color work for fashion shows, hairdressing seminars, trade shows and onstage presentations the world over. They know that by staying at the forefront of their trade they can provide our students with the very best education to start their Cosmetology career.

Unique Features and Benefits

The following points outline key features and benefits that are unique to Sassoon Academy Cosmetology, thus setting it apart from other Cosmetology programs currently offered:

  • Sassoon Academy has a world renowned reputation
  • Sassoon Academy has over 50 years experience in Cosmetology education
  • Sassoon Academy Cosmetology program operates a curriculum based on ABC | Cutting Hair the Sassoon Way and ABC | Colouring Hair the Sassoon Way
  • Sassoon Academy Instructors are full-time, departmentalized, trained internally, and internationally travelled
  • Sassoon Academy Provides live models of all ages of the course, for a real-world salon experience
  • Cosmetology students graduating from Sassoon Academy have an above average pass rate at the California state board exam
  • Sassoon Academy Cosmetology program adheres to a ratio of 16-1 (State Law allows a ratio of 25-1), groups of Cosmetology students start every eight weeks
  • Sassoon Academy is housed in a modern, custom built 14,600 sq ft, four story building, in a prime Santa Monica, CA location
  • Sassoon Academy Cosmetology students will experience a professional photo-shoot and take home a photo DVD of their work
  • Sassoon Academy applicants are vetted and interviewed
  • Sassoon Academy students adhere to a curriculum which progresses incrementally
  • Sassoon Academy operates a curriculum / timekeeping / professionalism that mirrors a Sassoon salon
  • Sassoon Academy is a Nuts and Bolts Member school - where students experience salon oriented retail skills and up service motivation
  • Sassoon Academy Cosmetology students receive a Sassoon Academy diploma upon full completion of the 44-week Cosmetology program
  • Sassoon Academy Cosmetology students will attend Mac make-up seminars, get Apple store benefits, and experience salon / fashion / museum inspirational trips
  • Sassoon Academy Cosmetology graduating students produce a hair fashion 'soiree' that's presented to salon owners / faculty / students
  • Sassoon Academy is an Independent, non-product sponsored School

Sassoon Academy Cosmetology Exclusive Global Post Graduate Benefits include for students who started from May 2009 to current:

  • A complimentary Salon Creative 5 Day Course upon successful completion of state licensing
  • 20% off all Post-Graduate courses up to 5 days in length for 24 months from graduation
  • 10% off all Post-Graduate courses up to 5 days in length for life